Why do my dark clothes (especially dresses) have white smudges and how can I get rid of them?

The white smudges are from white deodorant.  Most deodorants "advertise" themselves as "no stain" but the truth is that if it is white in the applicator, then it is white on your clothes.  The only "safe" deodorant will be clear in the package.  Removing these marks is quite simple but can be disastrous if not done correctly.  DO NOT use any tissues or towels that are not "lint free".  Wet the lint free rag and gently rub at the marks which should come off easily.

Can I buy styles I see directly from the web site?
We currently do not sell online, however you can call us at 631-367-0304 during business hours and we can arrange shipping.......

If I call will a real person answer?
At Dorothy's we do not use any kind of computer generated persona....During normal business hours your call will be answered by one of our "real" people....After hours you can leave a message and one of us will return your call ASAP...

Should my clothing be machine washed and dried?

Unless otherwise noted all of the clothing sold at Dorothy's can and should be machine washed.  Just follow the care label instructions.  Usually cold or warm water and a light detergent.  We do not recommend the use of a dryer for any of our clothing as dryers (especially when heat is used) tend to not only shrink fabrics but also to fade colors.  

Why do my fleece clothes tend to pill? 

When fleece clothing rubs against itself or other fabrics either in wearing (thighs and underarms) or in washing the little pills are created.  The best way to handle this is to either wash your fleece inside out and only in a small gentle cycle or to cut them off.

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